My Classroom

This year, I decided to change my classroom theme to primary/rainbow colors with a mix of my two favorite patterns- polka dots and chevron. I really love how it's turned out! 
A lot of the decor in my room is from my Editable Keep Calm & Chevron decor packet. The desk caddies are from Really Good Stuff. I absolutely love them because they don't take up a lot of precious desk space.
 Meet my new rug. Isn't it beautiful?!! 
I bought it from Amazon {here}....Unfortunately, I didn't get away with hiding the cost from my hubby...*sigh*
My chevron alphabet and number posters add an educational splash of color above my whiteboard/SmartBoard! 
My word wall is looking pretty wordless right now, but it won't be long before that changes! Download the decorative letters that spell out "word wall" and "anchor charts" {here}!
  I made "I can" posters to describe each stage of the writing process. And they match my dots on black border, which makes me a very happy teacher. I'm planning to display student created examples under the posters for each stage. You can check out the writing process posters {here}!

  The adorable pencil is a freebie from my friend, Lindsey over at the Teacher Wife!
 Here's my Daily 5 board...we haven't started rotations yet, so the posters are blankety blank at the moment....gotta build our stamina and learn those procedures/routines first!! You can grab my Daily 5 cards for free {here}.

These are my book baskets! I bought the white magazine files on Amazon and jazzed them up with polka dotted labels!!
Just for fun and because it's cute, I made a READ banner. You can download it {here} to make one for your room!!
My biggest summer project was organizing my library! Of course, I had to make polka dot library labels to go along with it. You can check them out {here}!
I'm super blessed to have a parapro who can sew like a pro!! Her amazingness made me curtains this summer!!! I die.
Behind my reading table, I made mini versions {due to lack of wall space} of the Beanie Baby inspired reading strategies.You can download them for free {here}!
My Common Core Essential Question posters are located at the front of the room on my magnetic whiteboard. I just take them on and off with magnets!! Easy Peasy!
 I'm so excited about my new bucket filler space!! Compliments in my room are going to be flowing in style this year!! My buckets were made using Cheryl from Primary Graffiti's editable bucket filler pack , which is awesome!!! Grab the "Be a Bucket Filler" poster for free {here}!

My goal every year is to get organized. With the help of my chevron supply labels and $1 Big Lots tubs, I'm feeling pretty darn organized. I do need to alphabetize these suckers though, which is on my to-do list tomorrow!! Hello, Type A personality!!
 Every morning, my kiddos check their Daily folders {folder that goes from school to home} for notes, money, or homework. I have these plastic drawers for them to turn everything in to me. If you like these chevron labels, you can grab a copy {here}!

My little pencil cups got a nice makeover, too... I bought the chevron cups at Wal-Mart {99 cents}! You can download the pencil cup labels {here}!

Last, but not least...brain kisses. I won't tell you how many I've had this week. I picked up the glass jar from the beloved Hobby Lobby {$4.99}. Of course, the label I made is {here} for you to download!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the new blog look! Can't wait to see your classroom!! =)

Most Dance said...
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Unknown said...

Beautiful classroom! I love the design and how you label everything! I'm not a teacher, Im a parent and as I was looking at your pictures I would love for my daughter to be in a classroom just like yours. The way you have your classroom only shows how you love to be a teacher and how fun it can be! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

What a LOVELY CLASSROOM! You've given me some great ideas by setting this wonderful example. What lovely essay writers could your little students be, thriving in such environment!

Nicole Carey said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL classroom! This is a random question--I noticed that you have things hung directly onto your walls. Those concrete white blocks look exactly like the walls in my classroom, and I am at a LOSS as to how to hang things without having our dear maintenance staff drill holes into it! Any tips? I've been using those commando strips, but I hope to have a Word Wall up which could take a lot of commando strips!