The Easiest Ornament EVER (with free tags)

Saturday, December 19, 2020

With all the things going on this year, I wanted to find a precious, but very simple ornament to make with my students. This ribbon ornament hit the spot! No paint, glue, the need to share supplies, etc. To make them, I bought small clear plastic ornament balls, ribbon, holiday confetti, and pipe cleaners to attach the tags. The ornament balls are from The Dollar Tree (2 for a buck), the ribbon was from Walmart, and the snowflake confetti was from Hobby Lobby. It cost me less than a dollar to make each one. 

To put together, just print these free tags on colored paper. Then, call students one at a time and cut a piece of ribbon the same length as them. Put holiday confetti (optional- but the little snowflakes made a special touch) inside the clear ball and then add the ribbon. Attach the tag to the ornament. 

Ta-da…the easiest ornament ever!

I loved these so much that I'm made them with my own children. They make the perfect keepsake! You can download the gift tags HERE.

Happy Holidays, friends!