NEW Fiction and Nonfiction Reading Response Activities & BTS SALE!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015
One of my goals this summer was to amp up the reading response activities in my classroom. As a first grade teacher, building and strengthening reading comprehension is a daily focus. I wanted my students to have a variety of fun, engaging activities to help them comprehend, analyze, and respond to what they were reading. So, I got right to work and created two reading response packs that I think you and your students will love too! 

I started off by creating this....

It includes games, graphic organizers, and foldables (flap books, step books, and trifold brochures) that can be used with ANY fiction book! These teacher/student friendly (aka..little prep, easy to understand, and fun/engaging for your readers) activities work great for whole group instruction, guided reading groups, and/or independent work. I tried really hard to make this resource have everything you would need and then some to support ALL of your students as they respond to text.  The skills covered are story elements, sequencing, character traits, problem/solution, main idea, author's purpose, asking questions, making inferences, visualizing, text to self/text/world connections, comparing & contrasting two characters/settings/stories, and more! Click here for more info about this resource!

After many requests to make a similar resource for nonfiction, I got to work again and this happened....
This packet includes a variety of games, graphic organizers, and foldables (flap books, step books, and trifold brochures)  that can be used with any nonfiction/informational text. Just like my first reading response pack, I tried to make the activities as student/teacher friendly as possible with everything you would need throughout the school year. The skills included are note taking, finding facts, important details, asking & answering questions, text to self/text/world, comparing/contrasting, text features, KWL chart, main idea and supporting details, vocabulary, and more! Click here for more info about this resource!

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A BIG thank you to The Bubbly Blonde for this graphic!


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