Countdown to Summer- Math and Literacy Review Games and Activities

Saturday, May 9, 2015
The last few weeks of school can be CRAZY! You've taught everything on your curriculum map and summer fever is taking over BIG time! A few weeks ago I decided to start working on a resource that would make life a little easier when planning review activities for my students as we counted down the days until summer vacation! I've always found that my students' behavior is so much better when I plan lessons that allow them to move around as they work. This was the inspiration for my newest packet...

It's full of math and literacy activities/games to get your students up and moving around while they sharpen their skills! My students have loved them, and they've made lesson planning a breeze as we survive until summer! 

All of these summer themed activities are ready to use...just print, laminate, cut, and play! For more details about this packet, click here! It's on sale for the next 24 hours or so!! 
Happy *Almost* Summer!! 

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