Wordless Wednesday- Smart Board Word Work Station

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'm linking up with Miss DeCarbo for Wordless Wednesday for the first time today...YAY! 

Here's my picture for the week: 
SMART Board Word Work Fun!!!

Do you let your students use the SMART Board for Word Work? My students love using it! We are working on spelling words with suffixes this week. You can find the fridge magnet Smart Board file shown in the picture here


Let's Practice Telling Time! {with free download}

Sunday, April 19, 2015
I began teaching telling time to the hour and half hour a few weeks ago. While I was lesson planning, I felt a huge need to pull all of my favorite games and resources into one updated, fun telling time packet. Most of the activities we used to become time experts were always in some sort of hands-on game format. This is my #1 strategy for engaging my little learners...who doesn't like to play a game?? Here are some examples of the activities and games we played while learning and practicing how to tell time! They are all from my Let's Practice Telling Time (to the hour and half hour) unit.
Click on the picture for a closer peek into this telling time unit.

One of our favorite activities from this unit was playing "I SPY Telling Time". Click here or on the picture to download a free copy for your class! 

Here are some of the other online resources I used while teaching time... 

BrainPOP Jr. has a couple of short videos we loved watching...I typically use these at the very beginning of a lesson to "hook" my kids! 

And YouTube was packed with lots of goodies that I sprinkled throughout and over & over while teaching time...

My sweet friend, Amy from Step into Second Grade, also has some great ideas for teaching telling time...check them out here


Surviving until Summer!

Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm linking up with two of my blogging besties,  Katie @ Queen of the First Grade Jungle and Michelle @ Fabulous in First to share my plans for surviving until summer!! I actually only have 28 days....28 days...28 days left of school! Ahhhh...that is so hard to believe!!

Here's what is going to help me survive....

1. Counting down to our first family of 4 vacation to the beach! We will be sitting on this porch to kick off summer very soon! Can't wait!!  

2. GoNoodle....lots & lots of GoNoodle!

3. Hands-on activities are a must to keep my students engaged during these last 5 weeks of school. Since the majority of our curriculum is taught by now, my kiddos will be playing a lot of fun learning games to review skills!  

4. Field Trip!!

Not kidding y'all...call my team and I crazy, but we just booked a field trip for the week before the last day of school to our local park/zoo! It's so much fun to make end of the school year memories outside of school! 

5. Project Based Learning
We all know that once summer fever hits, students tend struggle with motivation and engagement. This is the main reason my school participates in school wide, cross grade level project based learning during the last couple weeks of school. Project based learning gives students the opportunity to experience something they would never get to learn about during a regular school day. The classes offered range from STEM to service related to content focused projects. It also allows teachers to teach about something they are passionate about outside of their usual curriculum.  Win-Win! 

6. Drinking lots of coffee!!! 

7. Family Time- Hanging with my family always brightens up my day! 

What do you do to survive summer fever??