Watch Out for the Editing Police!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015
When I was at RCA a couple of weeks ago, I observed Kim Bearden's middle school class having a blast with a "grammar police" lesson. It inspired me to find a way to tweak it to make it work for my first graders. Editing is challenging and sometimes a boring skill for them to practice, so I wanted to bring a little magic and fun to spice it up...Kim Bearden style!! 

 I divided my class into two groups-editing officers and offenders. I gave the officers editing citation sheets and the offenders each a sentence that needed editing. As I played the Chipmunks COPS theme song, the editing officers found an offender with a sentence. After they read the sentence together, the officer issued a citation for the error made {capitalization, punctuation, or spelling}. The officer corrected the sentence on the citation with the offender. Then the offenders were placed in their error's holding cell....haha! This is where I act as a judge and released the offenders if the sentence on the citation had been properly corrected. You could also assign students to be judges at each holding cell. We will probably try that next time.

Small, inexpensive props added just the right magical touch to the activity. The kids had badges and I bought a police light, hat, handcuffs {don't worry...I didn't actually use them...just for show} and crime scene tape. Fun!

I bought everything from Amazon!

During the activity, I made sure to switch the students up so they were able to experience each part. They had so much fun that they begged me to let them keep "playing". Now that's what I call a successful lesson!!! It's an activity that I will continue to use throughout the year with my class....perfect for a review! 
Want your students to become editing police?? 
Everything from my lesson is right here!

And a BIG thank you to Kim Bearden for inspiring me to bring editing to life with this lesson! I can't recommend her book enough to y'all! Every single teacher needs it!! 

Happy Editing!!


Debbie said...

This is brilliant! My students are going to absolutely love playing the roles of offenders and editing police! Although they already enjoy editing, this is going to take the task to a whole NEW level. They will be begging me to let them practice their editing with this pack!

I just headed over to your store and purchased it and will be implementing this activity immediately. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

Avast 2020 said...

Thanks For Sharing that..............