My Heart is Full {a writing freebie}

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Are you ready for Valentine's Day? I can't believe it's just around the corner. My first graders and I have been busy celebrating everything about LOVE! 

Today we talked about the things we love most....the special things that make our hearts full! 
Me: "What fills your heart with love?"
My first graders:
"my family"
"the world"
"my teacher" 
"my dog"
"my cat"
"my house"
"my Barbie jeep" 
It had to be one of the sweetest {and funniest} discussions of the year...seriously loved every single minute of it!! 
After our amazing share time, I gave each student a big, pink heart to illustrate their ideas. To go along with it, they wrote about what made their hearts full and why it was special/important to them. You can download the writing printable freebie here!
So simple and sweet!!!
I just can't help but to smile every time I see these precious hearts! 

Happy Valentine's Day! 


graciegirl said...

Oh man....this is awfully adorable....found you through Amy Lemons blog. I'm pinning this. Thanks so much! Happy Valentines Day!

Z3 said...

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Unknown said...

This is great, but where is the printable? I don't see it anywhere....

Justin said...

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