Monday, September 1, 2014
I'm linking up with Farley today for some Currently fun!

Listening: While I'm blogging, my sweet hubs is usually sitting right next to me watching television. Right now, he's as happy as can be getting his ESPN fix.

Loving: Who doesn't love a long 3 day weekend with family?!? We haven't done much, but it's been nice to just slow down. We've enjoyed soccer practice, church, a yummy hibachi lunch, coloring, sleeping in, and just relaxing as a family of 3!
 It won't be long before we're a family of 4:)

Thinking: When will Baby Ella arrive? Today's her due date and we're still waiting for her debut! I guess she wants to choose her own birthday. One thing I know for sure is that we'll be meeting our new addition SOON! 

Wanting: To meet my DAUGHTER!!! I'm so excited!!! 

Needing: A long massage. Like right now. Please and thank you. 

3 Trips..
1. Turks & Caicos
2. Hawaii
3. Cayman Islands
All three look so beautiful and relaxing- must haves for vacation spots!


Teaching Eternity said...

Goodness Gracious - you're blogging on your due date! I can't even imagine. Hopefully you little angel makes her appearance soon! Sending positive vibes your way for an easy delivery!
Thanks for sharing!

Paige said...

Excited for you and your new little one! Hope she decides to make an appearance soon!

Paiges of Learning

Colleen said...

Here's hoping your sweet little girl arrives safely and soon! Maybe you should be optimistic and go ahead and book that massage ASAP, haha!
Colleen :-)
Fun and Fearless in First

Jess said...

I just got a smile and very excited when you said today is your due date! I hope for you and your family she decides to have her birthday soon! I'm so happy for you and hope you have a healthy and safe delivery. I also really want to go to Hawaii! My brother and his family lives out there. I'm going to visit next summer! Thinking of you!

Rambling About Reading

savvy teaching tips said...

My daughter was 2 weeks late, and I was in prodromal labour for 6 weeks before she was born so I was certain she would be early. Good luck. I hope she comes soon and everything is perfect. Babies are such blessings.
I just found your blog through Farley's linkup. Your blog looks great BTW.

Katie @ Miss Klohn's Classroom said...

I sure hope your baby girl has made her appearance!!! Such an exciting time in your life!


Unknown said...

I hope baby girl has already arrived! I must commend you for being able to push through with blogging even on your due date. You've got great dedication! Can't wait to see your daughter's photos!

selina shahid said...

best wishes for the baby.stay blessed.
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Shelly Anton said...
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Shelly Anton said...

Congrats on your baby girl! Now that she is here, make an appointment for a LONG massage (and perhaps book a trip to the Cayman Islands!) Congrats!!!
~Shelly Anton

Lucy said...

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Justin said...

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