The ULTIMATE Bash Basket: Grand Prize Giveaway

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hey there teacher friends! We so hope that you are all enjoying the B2S Bash 2014 blog hop. We know how hard teachers work all year long, so we hope that some of these prizes will make your classroom life a little easier. We have one more HUGE Bash Basket that will go to one lucky winner. We are all kinda jealous of this one, and it really doesn't need a description or an introduction….




????? …..

The Ultimate Bash Basket:
Are you kidding me?!? Now you see why we are completely jealous! We all know about the millions of different ways that you can use an iPad in the classroom…and $100 at TPT?!? What?!? 


Have y'all heard about the GoPro Camera?!? Holy amazing! The uses for this camera are endless, and it is made to endure a lot of rough housing. You know…surfing….swimming….skateboarding….24+ students! :) And the best part?!? As if it could get  any better…the videos download directly to your iPad. Just imagine the ways that you could use this in your classroom (and not have to worry about your students breaking it!) 

I know, I know! You are ready to enter to win, right?!? 

Here you go:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
And if you haven't started your Back to School Bash hop, you can begin right {HERE!} and enter for your chance to win 18 different prize baskets. It all ends TOMORROW…so hurry, hurry! 


Unknown said...

Awesome giveaway just in time for back to school :)

Mastering the Middle with Mrs. McHargue said...

Thank you for this opportunity! I am a new blogger and am hoping to learn lots from all of you outstanding education bloggers.

I'm also working on my Whole Brain Teaching certification and the GoPro is exactly what I need to videotape my class! Fingers crossed! Best wishes.

Maggi Turgeau said...

What a fabulous idea! Love this!

Justin said...

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