Throwback Thursday: Math Workshop

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'm linking up with Hope from Second Grade Shenanigans for some Throwback Thursday fun!! The throwback post I want to share today is all about math workshop! It's full of ideas and activities {including freebie downloads} for teaching numbers to 120. 


Math Workshop: Learning All About Numbers to 120 

One of my FAVORITE parts of the day is our math workshop time! My little mathematicians have been working hard on learning all about counting and writing numbers to 120 {our very first unit}:) Here are many of the activities we've been using over the last few weeks...I absolutely adore them because they keep my students engaged, interacting with one another, moving around, and most importantly, having lots of fun!!

Minute to Win It
This is a fun partner game to practice counting and representing objects. Partner 1 spins a number and collects that number of cubes. Then, Partner 2 spins a number and collects that number of cubes. This continues until time is called. When a minute is up, each partner counts how many cubes they collected by making groups of tens with the cubes.

 Mystery Bags
My kids can't get enough of our Mystery Counting Bags! Trying to guess what's inside always gets them hooked! Once the objects are revealed, they count and represent them on their paper! 

This  is a fun whole group activity you can use to practice, review, or assess counting to 120. I love it because it gives my wiggly students a chance to move around the room while they work! This Scoot game focuses on figuring out the missing number on each card. 

Scoot #2 

 This Scoot game is similar to the one I just showed you except the numbers are on a number line. It was a great game and formative assessment last Friday. You can download a free copy of it {here}!

 I Have, Who Has....
Great whole group game to help students build their number sense! I love playing this at the beginning or end of our math workshop!! It's also a great filler if you need something meaningful to do in just 5 minutes!!

Order Up
This activity can be used independently or in a small group. Students pull 6 number cards out of a bag and put them in order from least to greatest or greatest to least. You can easily differentiate the activity by the numbers you give the students to choose from.
Number Puzzles
These number puzzles have been a great tool for teaching/reinforcing the different ways to represent a numbers {tally marks, base ten blocks, number words, numerals, etc.}. 

What's Next and Before?
These activities can be used for independent or small group practice to reinforce counting from any number less than 120.  Students pull a number card out of a bag and write the 5 numbers that come before/after it.

Number Line Fun
We made number lines {1-120} and played a missing numbers game. Students used tiles to "hide" numbers while their partner  wasn't looking. Then the partner had to figure out which numbers were missing! You can download a free copy of the number line {here}.

Pass the Paper
Don't you love when something simple works so well?! This is a simple game designed for small group practice  to reinforce counting and writing numbers 0- 120. I put my students in teams of 4-5. When I say “GO”, each student in the group writes one number in the blank 120 chart. For example, student 1 writes a 0 and passes it to student 2 who writes a number 1. This continues this until their chart is completed with numbers 0-120. The first group to finish their 120 chart wins the game! Seriously, they want to play this Love!!!

My sweeties also ask me to play these counting songs bet your students will love them, too!!

If you want more info about the number games & activities shown, check out my Common Core Numbers to 120 unit!
P.S. This Numbers to 120 unit is on sale in my store until Sunday:) 


Ready, Set, Print: Back to School Math and Literacy Printables

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Whoever says teachers have the summer off have NO idea what they are talking about! Just like me, you're probably already working on things to kickstart your upcoming new school year! I just finished up one of my favorite BTS creations this week. 
Meet my "Back to School" Ready, Set, Print packet......  
It's full of math and literacy activities to help your students sharpen important beginning of the year skills. They are designed to cover Common Core standards and can be used in a variety of ways..morning work {my fav}, stations, tubs, sub plans, informal assessments, etc. 

This packet will be on sale until Friday! 
 For more details, visit my TpT shop {here}.  

After several requests, I've also bundled all of my Ready, Set, Print!
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Georgia Bloggers Blog Hop!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's time to teach the country about yes ma'am and y'all. 
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Summer Review: Ready, Set, Print {with freebies}

Saturday, June 14, 2014
My Summer Ready, Set, Print packet is posted! It's full of summer themed math and literacy activities/games to review important skills and help avoid the dreaded summer slide. They are designed to be super time savers for you, but interactive and engaging for your learners. You can use them in a variety ways...morning work, extra practice, math/literacy stations, formative assessments, independent work, sub plans, homework, etc. Whether you're still in school, tutoring, or homeschooling this summer, just click, print, and you're ready to go!  Here's a sneak peek and a couple of freebies for you to try out:)
Now I'm off to work on my Back to School edition:)
Happy Summer!