Math Workshop: Learning All About Numbers to 120

Thursday, September 12, 2013
One of my FAVORITE parts of the day is our math workshop time! My little mathematicians have been working hard on learning all about counting and writing numbers to 120 {our very first unit}:) Here are many of the activities we've been using over the last few weeks...I absolutely adore them because they keep my students engaged, interacting with one another, moving around, and most importantly, having lots of fun!!

Minute to Win It
This is a fun partner game to practice counting and representing objects. Partner 1 spins a number and collects that number of cubes. Then partner 2 spins a number and collects that number of cubes. This continues until time is called. When a minute is up, each partner counts how many cubes they collected by making groups of tens with the cubes.

 Mystery Bags
My kids can't get enough of our Mystery Counting Bags! Trying to guess what's inside always gets them hooked! Once the objects are revealed, they count and represent them on their paper! 

This  is a fun whole group activity you can use to practice, review, or assess counting to 120. I love it because it gives my wiggly students a chance to move around the room while they work! This Scoot game focused on figuring out the missing number on each card. 

Scoot #2 

 This Scoot game is similar to the one I just showed you except the numbers are on a number line. It was a great game and formative assessment last Friday. You can download a free copy of it {here}!

 I Have, Who Has....
Great whole group game to help students build their number sense! I love playing this at the beginning or end of our math workshop!! It's also a great filler if you need something meaningful to do in just 5 minutes!!

Order Up
 This activity can be used independently or in a small group. Students pull 6 number cards out of a bag and put them in order from least to greatest or greatest to least. You can easily differentiate the activity by the numbers you give the students to choose from.
Number Puzzles
These number puzzles have been a great tool for teaching/reinforcing the different ways to represent a numbers {tally marks, base ten blocks, number words, numerals, etc.}. 

What's Next and Before?
These activities can be used for independent or small group practice to reinforce counting from any number less than 120.  Students pull a number card out of a bag and write the 5 numbers that come before/after it. You can easily differentiate the activity by the number cards you give the students to choose from.

Number Line Fun
We made number lines {1-120} and played a missing numbers game. Students used tiles to "hide" numbers while their partner  wasn't looking. Then the partner had to figure out which numbers were missing! You can download a free copy of the number line {here}.

Pass the Paper
Don't you love when something simple works so well?! This is a simple game designed for small group practice  to reinforce counting and writing numbers 0- 120. I put my students in teams of 4-5. When I say “GO”, each student in the group writes one number in the blank 120 chart. For example, student 1 writes a 0 and passes it to student 2 who writes a number 1. This continues this until their chart is completed with numbers 0-120. The first group to finish their 120 chart wins the game! Seriously, they want to play this Love!!!

My sweeties also ask me to play these counting songs bet your students will love them, too!!

If you want more info about the number games & activities shown, check out my Common Core Numbers to 120 unit!

Happy *Almost* Friday!! YEAH!!!


Unknown said...

These math centers look like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing :)

amy.lemons said...

That unit looks AH-mazing!

Karen said...

Thanks for the counting songs! Do the kids help each other in the Pass the Paper game or do they have to be quiet?

Tiffany said...

This list of ideas and activities is amazing. We have been working g on these skills for the past two weeks and so many are still stuck. These new activities will definitely help. Do you have any of the other game papers available for purchase???

Amy B said...

Totally just bought and printed your whole unit! It's awesome! Thanks!
Amy Burton

Kelley Smith said...

Bought this packet yesterday. It is fabulous! Already started using it and the kids loved it! Thank you so, so much!!

Unknown said...

I love this! I teach in GA and it is aligned well with our county tasks. Can't wait to see your next unit.

Unknown said...

HI there,

I found your blog from Paul's post on the TpT sellers forum.

Your number activities are awesome! i particularly love the jigsaw puzzle, reinforcing the different ways numbers can be represented.

I'm now following you, Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.

One, Two, Three: Math Time

Unknown said...

OMG!!!! I was linking to your blog because I was in the middle of blogging about your unit when I saw YOU had blogged about it too. I gave you tons of props because this may be the BEST math unit I have EVER used. We are using the Georgia Math Frameworks and I am not a huge fan of the activities that it comes with, but your packet contained every single activity that I needed in the most PERFECT and ADORABLE way and I used EVERY SINGLE PAGE!! Thank you sooooo much for this! It really is amazing!! I'd love for you to see how it looked in my room too! I'm your newest follower and you can find me at Monahan Monkey Madness
I can't wait to check out your store and see what else I can find to fall in love with!! :)

Slacmc said...

I might need to move to GA so that my daughter can be in your class. Amazing, engaging activities. Thank you for taking the time to share your passion.