Sunday Smorgasbord!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013
On my last Sunday of the summer, I'm linking up with Michelle over at Fabulous in First for some Sunday Smorgasbord fun!
My family & I just got back from a little beach trip to St.Augustine. From now on, I will always plan a "get out of town" trip the week before I go back to work. It was the perfect way to end my, friends, sunshine, the sound of the waves crashing, sand in my toes, sandcastle building with P, crab cakes, fried everything seafood...I could go on and on!!
During our visit in Florida, I was able to meet up with my sweet friend, Cheryl from Primary Graffiti! So much fun!!
Photo: Loved getting to see my sweet friends, Cheryl and Karim Saoud while visiting in FL!!! #bloggingfriendshipsrock 
Yesterday, we took Parker to the Georgia Aquarium! He couldn't get enough of the sharks....eek!!! 

Please check out the Help a Hero fundraiser for the DeWitt family! To read more about the fundraiser or how to donate, click  HERE.
Oh my goodness, I go back to school on Wednesday...2 more days of summer left!! Where does the time go?!? Can't wait to share pictures of my classroom soon!! 
Stay tuned, sweet friends...


Michelle said...

Thanks for linking up girl and sharing the fundraiser. I can't wait to see your classroom.

Becca said...

Glad to hear you loved ending your summer that way...I (without thinking/realizing) scheduled us for a long weekend at the beach on Lake Michigan the weekend before I go, literally, we come back Sunday night, and I go to work Monday morning. When I realized I had done that (we almost never start back on Monday!), I was worried about being too wiped out, or preoccupied with school all weekend. Hoping I end up feeling just like you, and want to always reserve that last weekend for a family beach getaway! Looks like y'all definitely had a great time!

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Unknown said...

I'm bummed for you that your summer is ending but it sounds like the perfect way to end it! I didn't make it to the beach this summer and my beach heart is missing it big time!! Here's to one more non-manic Monday:)

❤ -Stephanie
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