On the 5th day of Christmas....Higher Order Thinking

Thursday, July 11, 2013
 Today's deal of the day is on the complete set of my HOTS {Higher Order Thinking Skills} Reading Response Sheets. You can grab it for $8.00 {regularly $10.50} here!
The 50 HOTS reading response sheets encourage creating, evaluating, and analyzing text. They can be used in a variety ways- guided reading activities, a literacy center {I call mine the HOTS center}, or homework! They are Common Core aligned and can be used over & over with different books!

1.New Beginning
2.New Ending
3.Book Cover Makeover
4.Comic Strip
5.Venn Diagram Fun
6.Diary, Diary!
7.Be a Character
8.Problem Solving
9.Persuade Me
10.Setting Switch
11.Letter To the Author
12.Letter To a Character
13.A Good Conversation
15.Next, Please!
16.Illustrate It
17.What Would They Say?
18.Cool Connector
19.Sequence Chain
20.Character Compare and Contrast
21.Card Game Creation
22.Extra! Extra!
23.Movie Time
24.Nonfiction News
25.Research It

 1. Setting Compare & Contrast
2. Alike and Different
3. Double Trouble Venn Diagram
4. A Gift for You
5. Friends with a Character
6. A Classroom Visit
7. One Word
8. Problem Predictions
9. Point of View Switch
10. Change It
11. Cause and Effect Puzzle Game
12. A Long Time Ago
13. In the Future
14. Map It
15. Commercial Creation
16. Important Evidence
17. Mystery Makeover
18. Similar Situations
19. A Field Trip to Remember
20. Take Two
21. Add a Character
22. Event Planner
23. Same Characters, Different Story
24. Poster Designer
25. Story Song

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