Friday, May 17, 2013

Five for Friday {with a freebie for you}!

 I'm back for another awesome round of Five for Friday & I get bonus points this time because it's actually FRIDAY!!! HA!!

I hope y'all had a great week! My kiddos and I enjoyed our last full week together...exciting and bittersweet all at the same time. I swear every year just seems to fly by faster and faster!

Okay, here we go....

 It's *almost* o-fish-ally summer!!
To celebrate, I made these little treat bags for the last day of school!! All you need to make your own are Swedish Fish {buy an extra bag if your like me and can't stop eating them}, ribbon, clear treat bags, and the "It's o-fish-ally summer!" tags.  
Super cute, easy, & cheap! Click {here} to download your own copy of the treat tags! They are editable, so you can personalize them with your own name.

 Today was Field Day!!! 
It was so much fun, but this teacher is T.I.R.E.D!!!


On Wednesday, we had a grade level "Read In" party to reward our kids for working so hard this year. They brought their sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, and most importantly, their favorite books! Such a special literacy treat!!! 

Star Labs ROCK!! 
Talk about inflatable planetarium paradise....The kids LOVED learning more about stars and constellations!
It's a must do for every classroom!
For more StarLab info, check out the following video...

 My class also had a blast working on their End of the Year Memory Book by my sweet friend, Erica Bohrer! Reading precious first grade memories melted my teacher heart! Thanks, Erica, for creating such an amazing keepsake for my kiddos!!

2 more days with my students + 2 post planning days= 4 days left until SUMMER!!!! Woot!! Woot!!
 Happy Friday!!!


Bright Concepts 4 Teachers said...

Thank you for the adorable fish bowl tags! Too darn cute! An inflatable planetarium sounds like an awesome experience for your kiddos. Congrats on starting summer. I will be there to join you soon enough. Have a great weekend.
Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

Kelly said...

Cute end of year tags! I love the planetarium.... I have been a follower for a long time, but you just happened to post after me in Five for Friday, so stopping by on a double note! Have a great weekend!!


You're So Sharp!

Sara Soucy said...

Whoaa...those Star Labs look so cool! I'd love to hear more about them!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Sara Connell said...

Our week was very similar to yours (or should have been). It was our last full week today and today SHOULD HAVE BEEN Track and Field day for use but it was cancelled because of rain. Your gift idea is so cute! Thanks for sharing.
First Grade Funtastic

Ashley Sanderson said...

so jealous! I still have 13 days AND I have to come for our planning day on SATURDAY! Yuck! Enjoy your summer! You're almost there!

Flying High in First Grade

Alisha Colon said...

Hi Anna! Thanks for the fantastic freebie! LOVE the portable planetarium! We had a teacher who was working on her master's degree a few years ago who brought one in from the college she was attending. This year, my class went to a real planetarium at a local college and had a BLAST!

Happy weekend! I'm down to 4 days left! Squealing with joy! :)

First Grade Follies

Bethany Louise said...

Those fishy tags are so cute! I'm you're newest follower and I love all of your great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Ship Shape First Grade

Annie said...

Oh your summer is SO close! Lucky you :) That star lab looks so cool and that Reading Party looks so fun :) Thank you for sharing and enjoy your summer!

Three Cheers for First Grade!

Just Wild About Teaching said...

Those fish gifts are so darn cute! Love it. =)

Just Wild About Teaching

Erica Bohrer said...

Awe, thanks for the shout out! I cannot believe you are done with school. That is crazy to me. Love the fish gifts!

Tina Parker said...

I just created tags for my own take on the fish gift, but your fish bowl is MUCH better :-). So glad I did not print mine yet!

Four more days until summer for you? I have 17 to go thanks to the 80ish inches of snow we got here in WI.

Tina Parker

Tiffany May said...

Your log is so cute! I'm your newest follower!

One Fab Teacher

Nancy Wilson said...

Thank you, I may use these next year!
The Apple Basket Teacher