Sunday, March 11, 2012

Q & A, plus a little green fun!!

I really appreciate the sweet responses from my post about differentiating math!! You can find it {here} if you missed it! Now it's time to *try* to answer all of your questions!! Please feel free to ask more questions in the comment section of this post!!

Will you post another example of how you differentiate your math instruction?
Of course, give me a week or so & I will post another one!! 

 Is every day like that during your math time?
heh-heh...I wish!! I try to tier my lessons Tuesday- Thursday. One lesson might last two days. I also like using choice boards when differentiating my lessons. Mondays are usually spent preassessing and introducing the standard & Fridays are for formative assessments and/or giving students time to finish up their work.
**I'm planning to create supplemental materials to help you easily differentiate the Common Core math standards. I plan to include choice boards in the packet. I'll start posting them this summer!** 

Do you use the math centers you create during your math period?
I actually use my math centers during my guided reading/center time. This extra practice helps keep previously taught math skills sharp!  

What are clickers? Where can I find clicker resources?
There are different types of clickers, but I use Senteo/ SMART Response Student clickers like the ones shown in the picture above! There are tons of free Senteo resources on Smart Exchange. I'm also fortunate to have a math coach that makes clicker assessments for my grade level team. Since these are not my own creations, I am unable to share them here!! Here is a short video about using clickers in your classroom! It's b to the oring, but gives some good, basic info about them!!

How do you manage having a para or volunteer in your classroom during instructional time?
I provide my para or volunteer with directions for their group. I typically pull the students that are having a hard time grasping the standard. However, I am in the room & constantly monitoring what is going on with the other groups. 

 Are your parent volunteers consistent and helpful when in the classroom? Do you have any issues with parents comparing kids' abilities?  
 I have always had great volunteers! I'm sure there are plenty of teachers who have had to deal with volunteers not showing up or being in the classroom for the right reasons. If I had these issues, I would just find other things for the volunteers to do (help me prepare materials, make copies, etc.). I would at least give parents a chance. Let them know right off the bat that you need them to be consistent and that students' abilities should not be shared with other parents!
Would you be willing to share you SmartBoard game/lesson on that idea? Also, do you list your Smartboard lessons on TPT?
I'm the worst at making SB lessons/games. They are just so plain and blah. Maybe I'll work on creating some that are actually cute in the future to add to my TpT store!! I'd be happy to share the game I used in the lesson for free on my blog. Does anyone know how I can do that? I can share a PDF with my eyes closed but a SMART file is a whole different story!! Help, please!!!
 Do your math journals refer back to the essential questions you are working for that day/week in the directions/index?
No, the packets just include a short description and 30 cut/paste prompts. However, several of my prompts do refer to an essential question{like the one I shared}.

Okie Dokie! I really hope this answers many of your questions!! I can't wait to post another example of how I differentiate math very soon!!

Now onto the green fun!!! Last year, we had a blast in my class on St. Patty's Day!! I'm really looking forward to our green snack celebration!!
  Here is the letter about the snack celebration I sent home to my parents! Just click on it to download!! {2 different versions included~ one with the date & one without}
Border by DJ Inkers

Just like last year, my little leprechaun lovers will compare and contrast themselves to a leprechaun in the HOTS {Higher Order Thinking Skills Center}. You can do this with any Venn Diagram printable.
My kiddos will also enjoy my Lucky Learners Math & Literacy centers!! They were so excited to see them being prepared last week!! Love seeing them get giddy about new centers!!! 

Have a fun filled green week & watch out for those sneaky leprechauns!! Look what they did to my classroom last year!! YIKES!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Math Journal Prompts!!!

Happy Monday, y'all!! It's already been a busy week helping all the little first graders in my grade level get ready for their "Barnyard Moosical" on Thursday!!! We had our first play rehearsal today & the kids were too precious for words!! It's going to be sooooo sweet!! But I am e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d because having our awesome play means no planning time for me!!! Once my sweeties were dismissed, my hubby showed up with a big, delicious SB latte to ease the pain. That is LOVE people!!! Not to mention the sweet man was up past midnight helping me cut out my centers!! Bless his poor heart. He didn't know what he was getting into when he married this crazy teacher!!

My students and I LOVE math journal time!! I've witnessed an amazing amount of progress with their problem solving abilities and confidence in "thinking outside of the box" this year because of the daily prompts. Last night, I posted my next set~ Spring Vol.1 . The majority of the prompts in this packet center around Saint Patrick's Day and the beginning of spring. There are a variety of skills covered: addition, subtraction, word problems, place value, number representation, number combinations, comparing numbers, number patterns, counting coin combinations and more! Many of the prompts promote higher order thinking and multiple solutionsYou can check this volume out {HERE}! More to come soon so you can have a complete year of them if you're interested!!

I know I've already posted about my Lucky Learning Math & Literacy Centers, but I wanted to come back and include a preview of all the centers in this packet!! I'm looking very forward to beginning them next week!!

Here's a sneak peekaroo of the lucky fun in this packet!!

 Click {here} for more details!!
I'm in the process of answering all of your questions about the differentiated math lesson I shared a few weeks ago! If you sent an e-mail or left a comment about it, your question(s) will be answered in Q&A post very soon! 

Last but not least, I want to thank you for supporting my TpT store during the Leap Day Sale!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm feel so blessed to be able to create and share my teaching resources! I hope you & your students enjoy the products you purchased!! 
Hope all of you sweet teachers have a wonderful week!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lucky Learning {St. Patty's Day} Centers and BIG TpT sale!!

I just posted my Lucky Learning Math & Literacy centers in time for the big TpT sale!! Your lucky learners will have so much fun with these St. Patrick's Day themed math and literacy centers!! This packet includes 10 hands-on centers (5 math & 5 literacy) that reinforce important first grade standards. Click on the picture for more details!!

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Happy Leap Day Shopping!!!

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Leap into TpT Sale!!!

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Happy Leap Year, Sweet Friends!!