Classroom Pictures and Literacy Prompts

Friday, September 21, 2012
Sweet Friends, I know I should have posted these classroom pictures SO SO SO looooong ago!!! Anyone else still treading the back to school waters, too???  Whew!!!
 These were taken right before "Meet the Teacher". As I have mentioned before, I'm not allowed to put anything on my walls unless it's educational so the decorations are very low key! I guess keeping it simple helps make preparing my room easier. Don't judge, I can't help it!!! HA!! FYI-The labeled bins around the room were for parents/students to sort their supplies. I love having this set up because at the end of an exhausting day everything is already sorted and ready to be stored away! Learned this trick the hard way!!

 Here's a close up of the desks! I bought the little party favor containers at Hobby Lobby! Love them!!

**sorry for the poor picture quality**
This year, my favorite "educational decoration" is my Common Core and More Content Word Wall! You can check it out {HERE}. Just the other day, I was asking my students what they needed to have at the end of a sentence & saw one of my smarties look over at the word wall to help her remember!!! Can I get a YES?!?!?! You would have thought she scored a touchdown by my excitement!!! Let's just say her eyes got really big when she saw how happy she made me!!! Doesn't take much to make this teacher jump up and down!!!

On another note...I've had a lot of questions about my Common Core Literacy Journal Prompts. I designed them to reinforce reading, language arts, and writing standards {aligned to Common Core}. Each page has multiple copies of the same prompt to help make printing easier! All you have to do is cut the prompts out and give them to your students to glue into their literacy journals {spiral notebook}! They're super simple to use & great for extra review, mini lessons, homework, and formative assessments to check for understanding. Here's a sneak peek of the journals! I just finished making Vol.2 and you can find it {here}! I will continue to make these throughout the year!

Have a wonderful weekend!!! Happy Fall, Y'all!!!


Mrs. Wathen said...


I just saw this post and did cart wheels! I don't know how I haven't seen volume 1!! I am going to use them for my daily ticket out. I just posted about ticket out and your packet.

Thanks for all your fabulous resources! Doing the happy dance that they are on sale too!

The Resourceful Apple

Unknown said...

Great pictures! Love it!

The Teacher's Treasure Chest

Justin said...

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