Daily 5- Chapter 3

Monday, July 2, 2012
Chapter 3 is all about establishing key materials, routines, and concepts to support the Daily 5 model. It was stated in the book that you should introduce these the first few days of school.  That's wonderful for a lot of us who are gearing up to get this going as soon as we go back to school! 

key materials, routines, and/or concepts....

Gathering kids in front for instruction, releasing them to practice, and then bringing them back to share their thinking represents the steady flow that is at the heart of effective teaching and learning. (p. 31) —Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis, Strategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension to Enhance Understanding 

A gathering place is a large place for the entire class to sit on the floor. This space should inspire success in our students. You will need a chart, anchor charts created by the class, and other materials. By bringing the whole class together to the "gathering place" {love that name} many distractions will be eliminated due to the set up and children will be able to easily interact with one another.

The Daily 5 makes the transitions to the gathering place seem so simple. The change from a work session to meeting at the gathering place is a signal that the activity is changing. They call these Brain and Body breaks.   

Over the years, I have tried every type of "good fit" book chart, song, etc. I am still not sold on any one of them. It's hard for a first grader to find a book that is just right for them. Usually they look at the cover and fall in love. Or see a 5th grader get a HUGE chapter book and want to follow along.

After reading the "good fit books" section, I realized that I have a few areas where I need to improve. I think the #1 thing I will start doing is discussing the importance of finding good fit books on a daily basis. I will also start using the acronym I PICK! You can click on the chart below to download.   
I loved figure 3-3 of the shoe lesson. So cute and something that really makes the concept of good fit books come alive!! Can't wait to teach that the first week of school!

  "If something is important, it is written down, and learning becomes anchored to these charts. This visible learning makes up the tapestry of the year and the decorations of the classroom."  
Boushey, Gail; Moser, Joan (2006-01-01). The Daily Five (p. 36). Stenhouse Publishers.

I love this! I've always made anchor charts, but would get overwhelmed because they take up so much space in the classroom. The Daily 5 has helped me understand that space is very special because it symbolizes what we have learned in our classroom. What's my classroom theme? Anchor charts!!! HA!! HA!

Also, check out Figure 3-8 Ten Steps to Improve Muscle Memory...very interesting!!! I'm going to make a copy of it and post it as a reminder in my classroom. And let go of how crazy a 3 minute independent work session sounds!!! Building stamina for the first time can feel a bit awkward. 

This chapter was packet full of goodies!!! Please join our book study and link your chapter 3 blog post below. 
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I am learning so much already from this book, but I am still not sure how I will be incorporating this in my classroom. Does anybody else out there teach reading with SFA, Success For All reading? This is already a 90 minute program....how might this work?

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