Daily 5- Chapter 2

Monday, June 25, 2012
The Daily 5 is SOOOOO rockin' my world this summer! I really think using it this upcoming year is going to be one of the best educational decisions I've made in a long time. YAY! 

This chapter helped me understand the core foundations of the Daily 5 model- trusting students, providing choice, nurturing community, creating a sense of urgency, building stamina, & staying out of students’ way once routines are established.

Here are my rambling thoughts...

Trusting Students- I have always wanted my students to trust me, but have I given them opportunities for me to trust them with their learning? Love this quote by William Bridges...“Without trust in the teacher, the step toward independence and the mastery of a new skill is less likely to happen. At that moment, with fear balanced against hope, it is trust that makes the difference”. 

Providing Choice- This is what I am going to have to spend most of my time wrapping my head around. {Why do I want to make it so complicated??} I love giving my students choices. "The Sisters" really made it clear to me WHY my kiddos LOVE picking out their listening station story, the game they want to play at the computer, their reading response sheet, etc.  
 Purpose + Choice = Motivation.
Makes sense to me...seriously, I'm way more engaged in an activity that I want to do. But what if "Social Susie" goes to read to someone every day? How do you make sure they get a balanced Daily 5 experience? 
I love the questions that students working with Daily 5 should ask themselves:
 1.What are my goals in reading and writing? 
2.What will I do first? 
3.Whom will I work with? 
4.What will I accomplish? 
5.What was I working on yesterday that I want to continue today?

I'm going to make a few weekly goal sheets for my students with these important questions! I'll *hopefully* have them ready and posted tomorrow!

Nurturing Community- I love how the Daily 5 encourages all students to take responsibility of their role in the classroom! This totally goes with the Positive Discipline behavior model at my school! On it!

 Creating a Sense of Urgency- I think taking the time to explain to your sweeties the importance of anything you do in the classroom is a must!! Sometimes I feel rushed just to teach, teach, teach the standard and forget to take a moment to explain why I am teaching the standard! This is a HUGE goal of mine. I want my students to know the reason for why we do everything we do in first grade! I can see that being a big hit...hahaha!!

Building Stamina- I know sometimes I just expected stamina & didn't work on actually building it from day one. I mean, I knew the first couple of weeks of literacy time would be rough, but I always held on to believing that most of the class would get the hang of it. I can see how this time was probably pretty painful for some of my poor babies. Ugh! I plan on really spending time slowly building stamina ...minute by minute! One question though- how long does it take to build Daily 5 stamina??

 Staying Out of Students’ Way Once Routines Are Established- Hello, my name is Anna and I can be a helicopter teacher!! In my defense though, I'm a very nice helicopter teacher that just likes to praise and encourage others! Now, I am realizing why sometimes *a few* students could not handle their behavior when I wasn't walking around being a cheerleader. Oooooo there is so much to learn!!!

I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did!! Make sure to link up with Cheryl over at her blog {here}! Also, make sure to check back here in a day or two for the Daily 5 weekly goal sheet I'm working on!!! 

Beat the Heat !!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

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Common Core and More Kindergarten and First Grade Content Word Wall!!

Friday, June 22, 2012
Happy Friday!!!
 I'm SO excited that I just finished my Common Core & More Kindergarten Word Wall packet!!  You can check out the little sneak peek below.

 I've also created a first grade version!!

Both word walls are discounted right now for a short period of time. Click the previews to get your copy!! If you teach 2nd or 3rd grade, I'll have a word wall posted in my store soon!! 
Have a GREAT weekend, sweet friends!!!


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Monday, June 18, 2012

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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Daily 5- Chapter 1

I'm so excited to start sharing our Daily 5 ideas, reflections, and experiences today!! YAY!

Y'all....chapter one gave me HOPE. Hope that maybe I won't work harder than the kids & come home exhausted every day next year. Seriously, I know now why my literacy block hasn't been my favorite part of the day. For the longest time, I blamed the exhaustion I was feeling on the number of kids in my classroom, lack of help, resources, time, blah, blah, blah, blah....Ummmm, confession... I think it was actually ME trying to control everything! I was spending SO much of my precious time trying to manage my students, hold them accountable, check their work, & have 4 guided reading groups...no wonder I was going bonkers! 

This upcoming school year, my goal is to have a simple yet effective literacy time that will support all of  my readers and writers' needs as they choose and complete these five tasks....
-read to yourself
-read to someone
-work on writing
-listen to reading
-word work/spelling

I already incorporate many of those skills in my classroom.... BUT the big difference this year will be that I am going to *try* my best to let these tasks be student driven. I can visualize it....ahhhhh....can you???

Make sure to link up with Lory to read all of the other Daily 5 book study posts!!


Daily 5 Book Study!!

Friday, June 15, 2012
 I'm so excited to be a part of a Daily 5 book study!! I've not used the Daily 5 model in my classroom yet & can't wait to learn more about how to implement it next year! Are you like me and have no idea where to start?? Well, just go get a copy of the book and join in on the adventure!! We will begin sharing our ideas and reflections for each chapter on Monday, June 18th.

These fabulous bloggers
 Cheryl Saoud
  Lory Evans
 Lindsey Erickson
 will be joining in on the fun and sharing their amazing talents. Grab your books, post it notes, and get ready to share your Daily 5 fun!!
I can't wait!!

Project Based Learning R.O.C.K.S!

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Do you have Project Based Learning activities at your school?!!? We had 2 weeks of them during the last month of school to keep the children engaged during a very *antsy* time of year. The kiddos went to a class that they were interested in learning more about. They completed a survey with their top 5 picks after I showed them a slideshow of what was offered. There were all kinds of amazing lessons happening- lego building, cooking, sewing, geography, health & fitness, etc. I was lucky enough to teach a handmade & recycled jewelry class with my friend, Jane. She is our fabulous art teacher & rocks something serious. We had SOOOOO much FUN!!!

A picture is worth a thousand words, right!??! On that note, I will leave you with several pictures of the cool things we created during our PBL adventure!!! These projects would make a fun craft if you need something to keep your own children busy this summer!!

Bread Dough & Beads
 Mix finely crumbled white bread in a cup with liquid glue and paint!!!

 Use a coffee straw or skewer to make the bead hole. 

Sculpey Clay Beads
Pick up to five different colors of Sculpey clay & roll them together to make beads. Then bake them in a toaster oven for 20 minutes!
Sculpey Animal Beads= A-DOR-ABLE!! 
Those little plastic eyes won't melt when you bake them!! 
WHAT?? I learn something new everyday!!
Bottle Cap Collage Beads
 Cut  a circle out of cardstock (or use a scrapbooking paper puncher) & pick a background out of a magazine to cover it .
Find words in a magazine and glue them down on your background. The example below was a collage a sweetie was making for her mama!!! LOVE!!!
 Hot glue the circle into the bottle cap (we used gatorade and orange juice caps) & decorate with fish tank pebbles, glitter, or whatever else you can think of! Use ribbon and hot glue to create a loop to hang on a necklace!! I'm going to use this idea in my classroom & have my kiddos make educational {noun, verb, adjective} necklaces!!! HA!!

 Paper Beads
Cut triangle strips of magazine paper like shown above. Roll in up around a skewer, seal with glue {mod-podge}, and slide it off.

Wire Bling 
Twist 2-3 different plastic coated wire strings up and BLING! I love how the smartie pants above used one of her bread beads in the center of her ring!!
We used skewers and pencils to twist the wire around to get the curl effect.
At the end of the class, we used our handmade and recycled beads to make tons of necklaces & bracelets! The children were SO proud of their work!! I was impressed, too!!
Project Based Learning R.O.C.K.S!! The End.