Differentiating Math- Part 2

Sunday, April 15, 2012
A couple of months ago, I posted an example of how I differentiate math for my kiddos using tiered activities. You can check it out {HERE}. Today, I'm excited to share another way that I absolutely LOVE to support the needs of all my smarties~Think Dots!! Think Dots boards are great approach to giving students an opportunity to extend/refine the skill(s) you are working on in any subject area. I actually blogged about using them last year {HERE}, but boy did my Money Think Dots printable need a major makeover. I'm planning to make more boards that are aligned to the Common Core Standards this summer!! You can click on the picture to download a revised copy of the Money Think Dots board.
Dice Graphics Courtesy of Graphics From the Pond

 I find it SO interesting to observe what the students choose to do, as well as the different levels of creativity, understanding of the standard, & the independence levels demonstrated through the activities. However, there are and always will be a handful of students that need more time before diving into a Think Dots board. I want more than anything for all my students to feel successful!! While the majority of my students are working away, I pull these handful of sweetie pies over for a remediation session. I make sure to have a FUN game & SMARTboard activity planned for just us to reinforce skills! I make it seem as though they're at a different station than the rest of the class! Below are several pics of the Think Dots & small group fun we had together!!
Showing several ways to make 25 cents using stamps.
Making coupons that when combined equaled $1.00.
Creating a restaurant menu was by far the most popular choice! I was so proud of their creative illustrations and labeling skills!! I loved that the student who made the one on top called it, "Out Night"! Ah!Some!
I showed the students examples of menus from several restaurants to explore before they created their own. Once they made their menu, they practiced buying items off of it with a partner!
In my small group, we zoomed in on counting coin combinations, purchasing items, and making fair trades up to $1.00!
 We used 99's charts (you could also use 100's charts) to help us add/keep track of the coin values we were counting. To do this, we marked each coin's value with a clear counter until we reached the last coin/final amount. This visual strategy was extremely helpful to my students who were struggling and needed extra support. Touch Money is also another wonderful strategy that was helpful. Erica Bohrer posted about using this with her students last year with a few really cute freebies {HERE}.
We also played a fun "store" game on the SMARTboard. Sorry for the poor quality of these pics. I need to start bringing my camera to school again!!!
I also found some GREAT money songs on You Tube!! I would play these to start a math lesson, during transitions, or as a quick filler.  The kids LOVE them!!!

Totally random, but I wanted to share a few pictures from our family photo session on Thursday. OH MY GOODNESS, Parker was going bonkers the entire time, refused to pose, threw a HUGE river stone in a creek, and made our photographer {family friend} run all over the place!! We left knowing they were going to be WILD pictures, but we couldn't have been happier with the sneak peek she sent us!!! YAY!!

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It's back to school for me tomorrow. Spring Break went by WAY to fast!!


Miss Nelson said...

super cute photos! Your little man is so precious.

Mr. Jones said...

Those are some creative ways to interact with coins. Thanks for sharing.

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Sarah Paul said...

Oh my goodness, your family is beautiful!
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Krogers Kindergarten said...

We don't teach money anymore in K where I am but I LOVE these ideas! Especially the circle map with the stamps. Great stuff :)

Jessica said...

Found your blog today! I am your newest follower! Stop by and visit me...


Ms. Wold said...

I love your "Think Dots" idea. I can't wait to make up some of my own for my 2nd graders next year!

✪ Miss W

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Anonymous said...

Love your think dots! I look forward to using them with my second graders! :)

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this! I love having the students roll and complete 3 activities out of the 6. I find that my boys are much more willing to do work when they feel like they have options regarding the assignments. Thank you!!