Measurement Fun!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011
I love teaching nonstandard measurement! We measured everything you can think of with a variety of different tools this week!! I made a couple of new printables for our lil' measurement masters!!

Measure It!
Let your students pick a measurement tool (cubes, counters, dominoes, craft sticks, etc. all work well) & estimate/measure 5 objects in your classroom. Here are a few pictures of the fun....

Click on the picture to download the "Measure It!" recording sheet!

 Measure a Friend!
We all know how much our kids love partner activities!! My loves had so much fun measuring  their friend/partner! No pics of this activity because we were all so busy....and yes, I was also on the floor being measured. ME=BIG kid!
Click on the picture to download the "Measure a Friend" recording sheet.

What do YOU do to have fun teaching nonstandard measurement?!?!

On another note, several of you have asked about my plans for future math journals and centers. I love making these resources and plan to continue to make them throughout the year!! Christmas center packet is in the works!!

Click HERE to check out my other teaching resources!! Thanks so much!!
I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!


crazymom said...

Oh, I can't wait for Holly Jolly! My kids LOVE your activities. I think they are wonderful too. I'm ready to start getting them ready for December. Thank you!!!!

Anna Brantley said...

Thanks SO much!!! I will have it ready in about a week!! It's one of my favorites:)

Jen R said...

Thanks! Love the measurement activities
I can't wait for Holly Jolly! I LOVE doing these journal prompts - of course we don't get to all of them, but I'll have you know - that even my 2nd graders have a hard time with some of them - they really struggle explaining their thinking (whether it's math, or any other subject), which is why I LOVE these even though they are for 1st graders :)

Delaney White said...

Thanks for sharing! I too cant wait for your Christmas centers! I just LOVE your stuff.

Hilary Lewis said...

Hi Anna! I love the math journal idea. I am getting ready to get those going in my math class. I just started doing guided math and I am really loving it. Just wondering if you know of anyone who makes prompts for the upper grades...or do you have some? If you don't...would you mind if I worked on something like that? I teach high math to second graders (so third graders.) Thanks!
Rockin' Teacher Materials

Jennifer said...

Just saw your Holly Jolly Math and Literacy Centers were posted at TpT. I have added them to my wishlist!! They look SUPER!!

Jennifer A.

Amber Unger said...

Yes!! I love these! We are in the middle of our Measurement unit in Kindergarten now. I especially love the "Measure a Friend" recording sheet. My kiddos are going to love that. Thanks for sharing! :)

Natsilly said...

I just discovered your blog and I am already in awe of your fantastic ideas and enthusiasm! I will be visiting your website frequently. :) I'll be doing the "Measure a Friend" activity tomorrow or the next day. I love it! Thank you for sharing.

Mark Lee said...

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