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Sunday, October 16, 2011
Hey Friends!! I'm SO excited to announce that I completed my Master's degree program yesterday!! I feel like a new person today...recharged, inspired, and RELIEVED!!! I want to say THANK YOU to all of the sweet guest bloggers that dropped by this week to keep things rolling over here!!! Please make sure to check out their blogs and TpT products if you haven't already!!

I attended the best technology fair ever and learned about some really amazing FREE technology resources on Friday!! I've been waiting ever since then to tell you all about it!!! Seriously, who doesn't love FREE?!?!

Are you ready?!?! This stuff is going to blow your sweet teacher heart away!!!

Random Name/Word Generator
Check out this name/word generator cuteness.  You just enter your students' names or words and it will randomly select them!! What a great way to make sure you are not calling on the same kids over and over again!!! Click here for this FREE resource!

Countdown Timer
Wanna make timing your kids FUN?!?!? Try this awesome countdown timer!! My favorite thing about it is that you can pick a soundtrack to go with your visual countdown!! I can't wait to use this with the Mission Impossible soundtrack for our clean up time tomorrow afternoon!! What would you use it for it your classroom?!?!?

Have you ever heard of Wordle?!?! Ohmyword!! Talk about word heaven!! This technology toy lets you take words from a text to make an instant word cloud!! You can copy/paste words from a document, enter a url to find words, or enter your own. I did one from the words in my lil' blog! The more the word has been used, the bigger it is in the cloud!! Cool, huh?!?! It gets better you can even customize your fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc.

If you like Wordle, you will LOVE Tagxedo!! You can actually make your word clouds in the shape of an apple, heart, star, etc!! Too cute!!

Digital Flipbook Maker
Do you use flipbooks in your classroom? You must check out ReadWriteThink's digital flipbook maker!! You can make a digital flipbook page by page and print it out!! A-MAZ-ING!!


 I about fell out of my seat when I learned about Zooburst!! You can make your own digital 3D pop up books on this site for FREE with a basic account!! Not only am I excited to use this with my kiddos, but I also can't wait to show it to Parker!!

 Comix is a place where you sweeties can actually create their own digital comic strips!! What a great activity to incorporate creativity and critical thinking in your classroom!!!

I hope you have found something in this post that you had no idea was out there in cyberland that you can use in your wonderful classroom!!!

Happy, Happy Teaching!!!


Megan said...

Off to check these out! They look wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Miner said...

Wow! Great share--must have been an informative day. Can't wait to try your Mission Impossible clean up Timer idea! Thanks, I love your blog.
Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business

Leka DeGroot said...

Congratulations for finishing your grad work! Also thank you so much for sharing for all the sites:) My school is 1:1 school (not in first grade, but we have access to laptops, iPods, P/C lab) so I'm always looking for ways to intergrade technology!

Ms. Preppy said...

Congrats on finishing your masters! I'm sure you're so relieved to have that wrapped up! Thanks for sharing all of those awesome sites--amazing resources!!

Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

Lisa said...

Congratulations on completing your Master's! We're all so proud of you. :) Lisa

Amy said...

Congratulations! Master's, YAY! I love your blog, and love all these great sites you shared!
Thank you, thank you, thank you :)


MichelleM said...

These work great! My kiddos loved the music and the countdown-can't wait to try more. Thanks for sharing!

Mary Paul said...

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