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Thursday, September 22, 2011
 Hey y'all! It's day thirty-one of school and I'm just now implementing a classroom job routine..HA!...I guess LATE is better than never, right?!! I've always had my students help me out, but decided to add a little structure to it!! Luckily, we've been learning about goods/services & consumers/producers, so introducing our job chart fit right in with our social studies standards!!

Everyone has a job each week! At the end of the week, I rotate the names. My kiddos are SUPER pumped up about their service to our classroom!! Love it!! Here is a picture of my classroom job chart.....

Here's a little description of each job:

Center Inspectors-make sure centers are put back in their place after center time.
Clean Up Crew -makes sure that there isn't trash on the floor and  puts trashcans outside of the door before dismissal for pick up service.
Pencil Helpers -make sure to collect unsharpened pencils at the end of each day.
Teacher's Assistant -helps me pass out papers, send things to the office, etc.
Library Helpers- make sure that the library is organized and our books are taken care of in the classroom.
Line Leader- *self explanatory* helps lead our line.
Door Holder-*self explanatory* holds the doors for us when needed.

Click {HERE} to download the classroom job labels!
 Graphics courtesy of Scrappin' Doodles.

Also, many of you have asked about my next set of math journal prompts! They will be ready to post this weekend!! Can't wait!!!


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Heather's Heart said...

It is so cute how excited the kiddos get about the jobs! I would love for you to check out some of the jobs I have posted about on my blog and maybe even link it to your post since you are such a Rock Star! :)

Look under Conscious Discipline to read about the job of the Greeter and the Absent Student Helper/Wish Well Helper.

Miss Kindergarten said...

Super cute! My nephew just started first grade and he told me that his job is "lights". He said it's a really boring job. Haha! It's funny to hear from a kids perspective!

Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings said...

Love your jobs! Thanks for sharing!

Bethany McClure said...

Love these! Thanks for sharing!

Learning is a Journey

Lisa Howard said...

I love your job chart - adorable, easy, and I'm sure it makes the kids feel involved!

gjerziemarcaida said...

Very organized job chart.
Jobs WA

Kaylees Education Studio said...

These are such cute classroom job labels.

Kaylee's Education Studio

Kari Lynn said...

I love these! Can you tell me what font you used? I'd love to make some additional jobs for my kindergarten room but I can't figure out what font you used to make them all match. Thank you so much!

Unknown said...

Yes! I would like to know what font you used as well! I'm in the same boat as Kari Lynn above! :)
Many Thanks!!

Jill said...

Any chance you could make a few more such as: Messengers, Calendar Leader, Book Shelf, Boards. They are so cute!

Sarah3ahary said...
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