Back to School Fun and Literacy Center Freebie!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011
 Hey y'all~ I've been having a blast s-l-o-w-l-y teaching center procedures and routines to my kiddos the last couple of weeks! They're doing an incredible job! We started off the year with my back to school centers! The majority of the activities reviewed kindergarten skills to refresh all the little summer brains. My sweet first graders loved them!! They proved that learning is FUN right from the start!! *Mission* accomplished!!! YAY!!

 School of Numbers- Students matched the picture, number words, and numerals 1-10.
Missing Number Puzzles- Students find the missing numbers on each bus to complete the puzzles.
Base Ten Chalk Fun- Students match the base ten blocks and numbers.
Read the Room- Students read and sorted the /sh/, /ch/, /th/ words on the wall.
Alphabet Puzzles- Students find the missing letter to complete each alphabet puzzle.
Rhyme Time-Students match the rhyming words.

You can check out these centers and more in my Back to School Math and Literacy Center Packet  {{HERE}}

And here's a lil' literacy center freebie fun for you- Noun Sort!! Students sort the nouns by people, places, and things. Click on the picture to download it!!

Don't forget to head over to Blog Hoppin' to read all of the wonderful ways to build a classroom community!!!! Awesome ideas!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Tomorrow is the first Sat. in three weeks that I don't have to go to grad school from 9-5!! I can't tell you how excited I am to spend the day with my family!! We are taking Parker to his first movie~ Winnie the Pooh!! Wooohooo!! He can't wait to go see the "big t.v."!!! Crossing my fingers that it doesn't freak him out!!!


Jess said...

I just love all your games! Thanks for sharing your freebies! I have your literacy pack on my TPT wishlist!
Rambling About Reading

hsamuelson said...

Thank you for all your shares! I've put you on my Top Ten List at:
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Go to Teaching Blog Addict and grab your button!

Anna Brantley said...

What an honor, Heidi!!! Thank you so much for putting me on your Top 10 list!!! You ROCK!!!

Jess-Thank you so much! I hope you like the packet!!!


Anonymous said...

Cute stuff! I just love having the kids do literacy stations!

Nina said...

I bought your Back to School packet, and they are AWESOME! My kiddos have been doing them this week, and they love them! Thank you so much!