Back to School- 2nd & 3rd Day

Friday, July 22, 2011
 Day 2 & 3 = lots of back to school fun! 

Day 2
For morning work on the 2nd day, my students will decorate the cover of their "All About Me" book. Super Simple! I'm currently using a book that my team passed along to me a couple of years ago...I think it's from a teacher resource book??
After the kids come back from activity, it's calendar time & another round of the name game. Another fun ice breaker I play on the second day is "Mrs.Brantley's True/False Quiz". On the first day, I tell the children a lot about family, where I live, my favorite hobby, etc. I quiz them on this information w/ a true/false game! For example, I might say "Mrs. Brantley has a son named Parker!" and they would all say "True!!!". It's loads of fun and gives the students another opportunity to get to know me better!
Then we have fun with our names all day long!! I'll begin our "Name Day" with....
After I read the Chrysanthemum, we'll talk about everyone's special name! I send home the printables below to help with this activity. Click on the pictures to download the parent letter and "My Special Name" homework sheet!

Here are some other fun things you can do with names:

*Graph the number of letters in your students' names and discuss who has the fewest letters, who has the most, who has the same, etc.

*Let students create an acrostic poem using their name.

*Let your students write & decorate the letters in their name with sequins, noodles, pom poms, etc....

*Play the name scramble game. Students make letter tiles with paper squares to spell out their name. Pair everyone up with a partner & ask them to try to unscramble their friend's name. Lots of fun!! 

 Day 3....
My students will continue to work in their "All About Me" books for morning work! After calendar time, they'll complete this learning profile questionnaire. I like to review these over the weekend to prepare for the following week! Click the picture to download it!
Then we'll play a game called "Find a Friend". I'm using the fabulous Babbling Abby's creation for this! You can get it HERE on her blog, The Inspired Apple! Thanks for the freebie, Abby!

For snack, we are making "Friendship Fruit Salad"! I found this idea online last year here. You have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find it! Here is how you make Friendship Fruit Salad...

In a large bowl....
Add one can of fruit...."These are the kind kids in our room."
Add another can of fruit..."These are the hard workers in our room"
Add another can of fruit..."These are the kids who share" 
Add some marshmallows..."These are the kind words being said in our room." 

Talk about how good the salad will taste & then pretend to peel a rotten banana. The kids will usually look at you like you're crazy & yell "Stop!!!".This is a good time to explain to them that the "Rotten Banana" causes trouble in our happy classroom by teasing, not sharing, being off task when it's time to work, etc....YUCK! That's when I ask my students if we want a "rotten banana" in our classroom or fruit salad. We all agree that we want a rotten banana-free fruit salad and classroom:)
While they are eating their yummy salad, I'll read....
Then we'll have a class meeting about what makes a good friend and why friendship is important! Afterwards, they will illustrate four ways they can be a good friend!

At this point, I *hope* my kiddos have a good grasp on how to be a good friend so we move into some math fun! The first game I'll teach my students is called Roll & Record! This is a number identification game in our Investigations Math series. I found it online {here} if you are interested in using it, too! Students roll a die & record whatever number it lands on! During this time, I'll keep busy by going around the room & praising everyone for their great teamwork/friendship skills!! 

Then we'll wrap up our day with a classroom scavenger hunt! You can download the one I'm using with my kids here!

I forgot to add one thing to my 1st day plans yesterday! I give each of my students a "special bag" when they meet me at Open House! They put an object that means a lot to them in the bag to share with the class! The students love sharing what's in their special bags on the first day of school! Click on the picture to download the note I'm attaching to my bags this year (pics to come soon)!
I had many requests for the editable version of my lesson plan format. I had to ask permission to share it since one of team members created the format for me! You can thank her for being more than happy to share it with you. BUT the word doc format is going crazy on me! I've spent way too long trying to get things to look right on google docs, but it's just not happening for me right now...ugh! Click on the pics (page 1 and 2)to download it anyway...hopefully y'all can fix it up on your computer! If you can figure out how to keep the format, please help a girl out & I'll upload it here!!


Next week, I'll be in my classroom working hard on my jungle theme! I'll take lots of pics to share here...until then...
Have a GREAT weekend!


Mel D said...

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! I'm super excited to use them :o) Unfortunately, I am only able to download one side of the lesson plan...I believe it's the right side only.
Thanks again!
Mel D
Oh the Places We’ll Go

Caroline Brantley said...

Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful ideas.

ErikaandTurf said...

There is a typo on your Special Bags note:
"We can't wait to see you what you bring!"
I think you mean "We can't wait to see what you bring!" :)

Anna Brantley said...

Oops! Thanks for letting me know!

Ali said...

Thank you for sharing all your ideas! I am definitely using some in 2nd grade when we start! I really like the Chrysanthemum idea too. There wasn't a link attached to the homework sheet only the parent letter. I also only saw page one of the lesson plan template too...once you download it, it looks fine! I think Google docs can sometimes have the view a little funky is all.

Thanks for sharing again!


Karen Stamp said...

We do Friendship Fruit salad too! Isn't it funny how sometimes the one that "freaks out" most about adding the rotten banana... often is your rotten banana! HAHA!
Have fun!
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

Debra said...

Thanks for sharing. I was able to get both sides of your daybook page. It's very similar to my own. But, I couldn't get the homework page for Chrysanthemum. I'm enjoying your blog. :)

mandytaylor said...

Thanks for sharing! I love the friendship fruit salad idea! I also have a son named Parker! Where are your borders from? I need some new borders as a back to school present for myself...

Megan said...

I could only get one side of the LP also. It looks fine otherwise. Thanks so much for sharing!

Deanna said...

I can't get the second page (homework) of the Chrysanthemum printable to download. Please email me a copy of the homework sheet when you get a chance. I was already planning to do this with my class and your homework sheet is perfect! Thank you so much!
drskirkland (at)

Stephanie May said...

I am going to do a jungle theme this year, too. I can't wait to see your pictures! I will be posting pics to share, but my building is being remodeled and I won't be moving in until August 16th. YIKES!

Anna Brantley said...

Hey ladies! Links all seem to be working now:) Let me know if you have any more issues!!

Dianna said...

you are so generous in sharing! I am new to this blogging world and am going to start teaching first grade this year. I was teaching the kinders for 4 years! I can't wait to start adding some resources as well. Thanks for all of the great ideas.. I'm going to try a "simple" jungle/zoo theme as well. I can not wait to see your pics! Happy decorating!

Lauren Morse said...

I just started planning my first week of school. Thanks for sharing yours. I love to see what everyone else is doing. I've never seen the friendship fruit salad. So cute! I will definitely be doing that. I used to have the kids decorate a person and bring it in to tell about themselves. But this year I decided I didn't want to. I like your bag idea. Might give that a try and spice up MY first week of school (I kinda get tired doing the same things every year!)
Just Add Clipart

Jasmine said...

I love the true/false quiz. I usually do an all about me flipchart but I think your idea would be another fun element.

Leah Taska said...

I love all these ideas!!! I usually do Chicka Chicka Boom Boom at the beginning of the year (I just created an activity set on Tpt, which I am giving away three free copies...visit my blog for details). Any ideas and suggestions for a newbie blogger would be greatly appreciated.

Leah Taska said...

Where do you get all the cute boarders?

Ms. Male said...

Oh my goodness! How am I just now finding your blog?! Super cute stuff! Thanks for sharing Anna!

A Day in the Life of a 2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jackson said...

Thanks, Anna! I love everything that you have shared!

Love, Hugs, and Ladybugs

Third Grade Teacher said...

I follow all 12 blogs! Love your ideas!

jennifer said...

Great job as always!!

Miss King said...

I just now read all of your back to school blogs. I love your ideas. I do some similar things with a names unit at the beginning of the year, but I especially like the "My Special Name" activity. What a great way to get to know your students and have the students get to know each other, while gaining an understanding of respect and kindness. Love it! :)

Diane said...

I just found your blog and love what I have seen so far. Thanks so much for giving detailed plans for the first 3 days. I am being transferred to a different school and to 1st grade. I am nervous about that! I have spent the past 9 years in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grades. Only the last two were 3rd. Now, going to first I feel unprepared. Your detailed plans will be so helpful!

I like your lesson plan format and the binder covers and spine inserts. Thanks! I am also new to blogging and have just started one.


Brittany said...

Once again, fabulous ideas! Thank you for sharing! said...

Thank you, thank you! I'm switching to first net year and you've really helped me figure out the first few days! I love your blog!

Dr. H said...

Can we get an editable format of the Day 1 with border around it! So cute, but if I could just change the times, it would save tons of time!

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