Under the Sea Center Packet

Sunday, April 24, 2011
Happy Easter, Sweet Friends!!! I hope y'all have had a wonderful day!! I'm so excited to finally have my ocean themed "Under the Sea" math and literacy center packet up and running over at my TpT store!! I had SO much fun making it!! The 71 page packet includes 10 printable centers (5 math and 5 literacy) full of adorable fish, dolphins, whales, sharks, sea turtles & more!! All of my centers come complete with a coordinating recording sheet. You can get your copy of all of the fun HERE! Click on the picture to preview the packet!


Kimberly said...

Just found your blog and lookin' forward to following! Your packet looks great!
Funky First Grade Fun

Unknown said...

Can I just say how much I appreciate you giving us a good look at your Under the Sea unit. It is so nice to see a little bit of each of the activities. I am much more likely to purchase a unit if I can really see what I am getting. Thank you so much!

Anna Brantley said...

@Kimberly-Thanks so much!!I'm so glad you found my blog! I love my followers <3

@Robin-I try my best to give everyone a nice sneak peak of what they would get from my packets!! Thrilled to hear the positive feedback...thanks for taking the time to leave it:)

kendell said...

WOW I am glad I found your website, thanks for sharing your work it is appreciated. Kindest regards

Lil One said...

Hiya Anna.... I purchased the gingerbread alphabet from Lettering Delights and was wondering how you get all your label text even... I am trying to copy and paste into word doc on a mac, but they are not all the same height...sorry to bug you about such a mundane question, but it's driving me nuts and your stuff always looks so awesome and neat! Cheers, Di