Need more label love?!?!?

Thursday, April 28, 2011
One of my lovely followers, Amber, wanted to know about the font I used for my labels because she needed to make more. I used "Giddy Gingerbread" from Lettering, love, love it!!! It got me thinking though...I would be happy to make labels for other crafty classroom things. Let's compile a list and I'll get to work on it this weekend. SO if you have something that I left off that you need a label for, just leave a comment below!! I will try to have them made by next week!!

Also, don't forget to enter the "Summer Spectacular Giveaway" that I'm hosting with Alicia from First Grade Factory. You have until midnight on Saturday to enter!! Can't wait to give the lucky follower Alicia's memory book and my ocean themed center packet!!

Now back to my pirate themed center packet while I watch The New York Housewives......I've just started on this adorable packet (pirates are too stinkin' cute), but hope to finish it up sometime late next week!!

Happy Friday Eve!!


kinderpond said...

How about math manipulatives?

dice, unifix cubes, pattern blocks... ect

or math lables themselves adding, subratcting ect


Kimberly said...

I'd like one for A.R. (accelerated reader), Read the Room, Make Words, Poetry, Book Club, etc. BIG thank you!! I feel soooo ______! I've purchased from Lettering Delights and canNOT figure out how to use them....guess I expected them to be in fonts. : |

Sylvia Raigosa said...

Just love your blog! Can I recommend the following labels? Pencils, correcting pens, pens, brass fasteners, wiggly eyes, staples, tape, white glue, spirals, construction paper, lined paper and rhinestones. Thank you for considering my request and thank you for your wonderful site!

Miss Kindergarten said...

I love lettering delights too :) they're the best!

Abigail said...

You are amazing (and a mind reader at that!). I just printed out your labels and saw that there was no label for google eyes. I was going to comment on your original post and ask if you would kindly make one, and here you beat me to it! Thank you so much for your generosity!

A few other labels that come to mind are: google eyes, foam, chalk, treasure rewards (or like student rewards), certificates.

Also, I second creating any math manipulative labels. I would definitely put those to good use as well. Thanks again for all you do! :)

Mrs. Lazenby said...

My friend and I came up with a list when we stayed an organized my classroom. She made suggestions for her classroom as well. Sorry for the length and if you don't make any I understand. I see that others made suggestions, so these may repeat! Thank you again!!

Safety Goggles
Seasonal Crafts
Science Tools
Construction Paper
Awards/Certificates (either or)
Reading/Language Arts (LA)
Clothes Pins
Puzzle Pieces
Plastic Bags
Plates, Cups, Napkins, Utensils (maybe Paper Goods? to shorten)
Educational Games

Tonya said...

I love these labels! I've already started organizing my thing using the amazing labels. I would like to suggest, magnetic letters/numbers. Cant wait to see what other labels you make! :)

Tonya said...


Bekah said...

I love the labels! I tried to make my own, but they weren't as cute as yours. My students helped me organize at the end of the year and the came up with:

white boards
clothes pins

Thanks for giving me the motivation to organize before school ended!

Megan said...

Have you made any of the new labels listed above? Some of them are the ones I was going to suggest. Love your labels!! Thank you!

Mrs. White said...

dot markers
model magic