Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tweet! A Sight Word Game

My students love "Popcorn" inspired sight word recognition games! I have so much fun making them to fit different themes/holidays!! Here is one that I made to go with my Birds, Bugs, and Butterflies Center Packet. It's called "Tweet!"!! Students get with a partner/small group and pull the sight word cards from a bag/container. If a student reads a word correctly, they get to keep it. If they read it incorrectly, they miss their turn and put it back in the bag/container. When a student pulls a "Tweet!" card, they have to put all of their cards back!!! SO much fun and great sight word practice for your sweet loves!!! Click on the picture to download it!!!

I'm SO excited to almost have 100 followers!! 15 to go and it's time to celebrate with a fun giveaway!!! WooHOOO!!!


Mrs. Mc said...

Thank you for sharing Anna! I don't think you could ever have too many versions of this game!
~ Mrs. Mc

Anna Brantley said...

I know I can't seem to get enough of these fun little games:)Thanks for your sweet comment!!!

Mrs. Mc said...
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Mrs. Mc said...

You're welcome! I enjoy reading your blog!
I actually posted about your giveaway on my blog!
Thanks again!
Mrs. Mc

Anna Brantley said...

Thanks for the awesome shout out on your blog!! I enjoy reading your blog, too!! :):):)

Deb said...

Thank you! This will be in rotations for the first few weeks of school. :)

Oh My Little Classity Class

Annette said...

i like it! But...I'm going to have to change the cards to showing a cat with a "MEOW" else it simply won't get played. :) (you don't mind do you?) (a net in time blog)

delana moore said...

Super cute!!! Thank you

lee woo said...

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