Think Dots Choice Board

Thursday, March 10, 2011
I love using "Think Dots" choice boards in my classroom! The activities on each choice board are differentiated by levels and interests. My little loves have so much fun with them:) They roll a die with a partner and complete the activity if it is one that interests them. They have to complete at least 3 activities. When they complete one, they color the box and put their recording sheets (or whatever they used to show their work) in their math folder. Since this is a very student directed activity, I act as a facilitator and just circulate the room monitoring/helping as needed. I usually give the choice boards towards the end of a unit for extending and refining purposes. Click HERE to download a  Money Think Dots choice board!

I love, love, love these plastic storage drawers! They make having materials for several activities a piece a cake!!! I just put everything the kiddos will need for each choice in a labeled drawer!

As higher order thinking and differentiation become more and more of a focus at my school, I have found these choice boards really helpful. When I first started using them, my students and I went over the expectations and modeled how to complete each activity. Please don't get discouraged if the first, second, or even third time you do a choice board is a little me, it will get much, much better!!!

For more resources and information on a TON of awesome differentiated activities check out this awesome website-

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Tonya said...

I use tic tac toe boards in my room for those that need extensions. Do you have different boards for different levels or do they find the activities that are right for them on the board? I would love to do more tiered assignments next year as I will have the gifted cluster in my room next year. Thanks for your help and for the money freebie. I also found your updated one. I would love to have any that are aligned with common core standards as yo make them. My email is

Jackie said...

I love this idea and I'd really like to see any more that you create that are aligned with the common core. K and 1st are implementing the common core this year and its a bit scary :) my email is thanks so much for all you do :)