St. Patty's Day Fun!!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011
Happy St. Patty's Day, Y'all!!!! My kiddos and I had a blast this week!! Today was the cherry on top!!! Here are some pictures that pretty much sum up how much fun we had together!!!
My classroom was smothered and covered in St. Patrick's Day themed centers.

In the H.O.T.S. (Higher Order Thinking Skills) center my little leprechaun lovers compared and contrasted themselves to a leprechaun. I saw a lot of really good deep thinking going on when they were doing this!!!

Read the Room- I smacked these precious little leprechauns all over my classroom walls to give my students practice with words containing the vowel pairs /ee/ and /ea/! They loved it!!!

Rainbowtastic Word Problems- In this math center, my students read each St. Patrick's Day themed word problem and solved it on their recording sheet. This was awesome since one of our standards this nine weeks is solving word problems. I was able to see who got it and who needs a little small group attention!

Making Words- My students made words with the letters from "Happy Saint Patrick's Day" at the pocket chart center!!

Shamrock Toss- This game is a classroom favorite!!!Students dropped two counters (green leprechaun coins) on the toss board and make number sentences with the numbers the counters landed on!!

Lucky Leprechaun Writing Choices- The kiddos picked a St. Patrick's Day writing choice and made the cute leprechaun book(on the right) to write in. They turned out so well!!!

Lucky Money- In this math center, my firsties found the matching fair trades on the pots of gold!

Shamrock Synonyms- The kiddos matched the synonym shamrocks in this literacy center!!! Fun and great practice for them!!!

Leprechaun Round Up- This math center reinforces rounding to the nearest ten and my sweet ones loved it!!!

Today, we graphed our Lucky Charms....YUM!!!

And we had a "Green Tasting Party"!!! Double YUM!!! My room was filled with precious green smiles:)

Look at what those sneaky leprechauns did to our room while we were at the library!! Can you say H.U.G.E. M.E.S.S?!?!?!? Goodness gracious, those little people can wreck a room!!!The kids loved every minute of it!!! We spent a good 20 minutes cleaning it all up!!! Totally worth all the hard much fun!!!

Look at the adorable footprints they left everywhere:)

What was your St. Patty's Day week/day like? I'm sure many of you are as exhausted as I am right now!

Happy Friday Eve!!!

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Mrs. Wheeler said...

Anna! These are great activities! I will have to check them out!