Rounding and Money Practice

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We've been reviewing previously taught skills in math this week. Yesterday, we worked on rounding to the nearest ten. Here's a game I call "Drop and Round" that my students LOVE! All you need are counters, 100 charts, marker boards & markers! Students drop a counter ( I like to use the small clear counters shown in the picture) on the 100's chart. On one side of the marker board, they write the number their counter landed on. Then they write the nearest ten on the opposite side of the board. You can pair your kiddos up or let them play independently. This week, I let my students play this independently while I walked around the room to observe/take notes. It was a nice formative assessment!
Here are a few pictures.....

Below is the recording sheet that was used to play these games. Very easy- have your students fold a piece of white paper into each box they write a number and it's nearest ten (they wrote the nearest ten in colored pencil to make it stand out).

Today, we practiced counting money and making fair trades. We played two different games - "Money Drop" and "4 ways". They are very similiar to one another.

Money Drop- Students drop a counter on a 100's chart and turn it into an amount of money. For example, John's counter dropped on 66 so he would use 66 cents. Once they have their number, they show it in four different ways on their Fair Trades Board (a large piece of laminated construction paper divided into four sections.

Four Ways- I give each student a coin combination card. They count the coins and write the amount on their board. Then they show that amount in four different ways on their Fair Trades Board.

Lastly, I want to share something with you that has nothing to do with money or rounding...ha :P! I'm almost done with my "book basket project". I had a few AWESOME classroom volunteers help me sort my books last week. I found the baskets at the $tree....All I have left is a w.h.o.l.e lot of labeling....thank goodness, I love labels:) Anyhoo, I'm so excited about this and had to share:) Can't wait to show you the finished product next week!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Thanks so much for visiting! I'm so close to my goal of 50 followers this week! 15 more and I'm there....Please share my blog with your friends! THANKS:)

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