Fraction Kites, Shadow Puppets & 101 FOLLOWERS!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011
Hey Everyone!! I'm so excited!!! I have 101 AWESOME followers!!! WOW!!! I'm going to post a GIVEAWAY to celebrate later this evening, but first I wanted to share a couple of fun things I did this week with my kiddos...
Fraction Kites!!!

We reviewed several skills in math this week! I love having time to go back and extend/refine concepts! I planned a special day for us to go back over fractions! We watched a cute little fraction BrainPop video, worked with fractions on our Smartboard, and made FRACTION KITES!! I can not take credit for this cute idea, my team member is the creative one who inspired me to do this with my class. All you need are different colored triangles (4 for each student), string, and tissue paper(for the cute little bows)! I let the kids create their kites using whatever color triangles they wanted to use. Then they had to show me the fraction of each color in their kite and write about it on their "My Fraction Kite" writing paper. Didn't they turn out adorable?!!?!! To download the fraction kite writing paper, just click on the picture of it!!

This is completely unrelated to fractions, but my firsties had so much fun with it that it's a MUST SHARE. In science, we are learning about light and shadows. To reinforce the concept of shadows, we made ShAdOw PuPpEtS!! Fun stuff, I tell ya! I gave each child a piece of white cardstock (reg.paper would work, too) to draw what they wanted their puppet to look like. Then they cut it out and taped a popsicle stick to the back of it! When all the puppets were ready to go, we went outside on a beautiful sunny day and checked out the shadows they made!! SO.MUCH.FUN!!! and E.A.S.Y!!! Look at how precious they turned out!! When they came back inside, they completed a graphic organizer about their shadow puppet.

Click the picture to download the Shadow Puppet graphic organizer!

Happy Weekend!! Be on the lookout this evening for my 100 Followers Giveaway!!! I'll post about it as soon as my little one goes to bed:) Again, THANK YOU for following my blog!!! Did I mention y'all are AWESOME?!?!?


Tchur8 said...

I've been a 'stalking' follower for a couple months now and finally figured out how to become an official follower! Your postings are great..thank you, thank you, thank you! I especially love your springtime math and lit center ones... Keeping my fingers crossed I'll win. :)

Anna Brantley said...

I'm so glad you are officially a follower...YAY!!! Thanks for your sweet comment:)

Stacyfud said...

101 followers. I just found you on pinterest. Love the fraction kites.

Unknown said...

Just did a version of the fraction kites with my class, they look awesome! Thanks for the idea :)