AN EXCITING BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT & TpT 10% off coupon code :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011
Hey Everyone!

I'm beyond excited to announce that the awesome, Cara Carroll, will be giving my blog a much needed makeover in the very near future(a week or so)! Check out her blog designs at OH SO SPOILED. I admire her work so much & can't wait for my "new look". With a new look will also come a NEW BLOG NAME! When I originally set up my blog, I didn't do a good job of looking to make sure that my site name wasn't already taken or similiar to others. Turns out, Fun in First is a very popular name, which is awesome because first grade is so much fun, but I don't want to confuse anyone at the same time:) With much going back and forth about my new name, I've finally decided on one that fits me better, " Crazy for First Grade".....perfect, huh? My only worry about this is that I could possibly lose my sweet follower/visitor friends b/c my url will change & I don't want that to happen at all! When Cara's done designing and ready to get things looking a whole lot better here, I will post another announcement letting everyone know what my new url is before I actually change it over:) I've had a ton of fun sharing ideas with all of you and look forward to continue doing so in a much cuter space :) :)

FYI -TpT is running a 10% off special ALL WEEK with this coupon code- G2R2M :) Awesome!!! I have a few wishlist items that I can't wait to use it for:) Please check out my TPT store if you are in need of St. Patrick's Day and/or Spring centers. I love creating centers that are easy to use, but engaging and fun for my students! My packets include printable centers and games with coordinating accountability sheets! As mentioned in an earlier post, I finally have my Spring Math and Literacy center packet up and running over at TpT, but for some reason my preview isn't working right now. I've contacted TpT to get help with that so please know it will *hopefully* be attached soon. Here is the downloadable preview if you want to check it out.

Since my Spring packet is finished, I'm now working away on my next math and literacy center packet called "Bugs, Birds, and Butterflies". These centers will be really cute to use when you get tired of bunnies, chicks, and eggs...ha! What skills are you working on in you classroom that you could use a center for? Let me know:)

Hope you have a super Sunday and a GREAT week!!

~Anna Brantley


Erica Bohrer said...

You will love Cara's work!

Erica Bohrer's First Grade

Anna Brantley said...

I know I will, Erica! I love the work she did on your site!! Oh-So Beautiful :)

Busy Bee said...

Hi Anna,
Just found your great blog tonight. I can see by your St. Patrick's pictures, I like your games. I am planning to get your Spring pack tonight, I am sick of GREEN and ready to get spring centers ready. You asked about suggestions for skills we are working on. One thing I'd like to suggest is to go for some skills others aren't targeting. It seems like there are a million games for contractions, syllables, addition. Yes, those are skills we work on, but we do so much more and there are limited resources for many skills. Some skill suggestions: Reality/Fantasy, Main Idea (hard one for first graders that needs much practice), higher level thinking questions, editing, run on sentences, correct spellings of plurals, adding ing and ed correctly, pronouns, sequencing, measurement, ordering numbers (greatest to least too), time to the quarter hour, math story problems, analogies, making predictions, compare and contrast, drawing conclusions, cause and effect, and verbs. Hope that wasn't too much. Would love to buy more kits. I think targeting skills others are not would attract buyers! Good luck and thanks for the shares!


Anna Brantley said...

Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely take it into consideration!!!I hope you like the spring packet!!!!