Buggies and Birdies Center Fun

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
This week's centers are full of birds, bugs, and butterflies from my Birds, Bugs, and Butterflies Math and Literacy Center Packet!! My kiddos are LOVING them!!! YAY!! Here are some of the things we've been doing together!

Ants & Antonyms- My sweeties matched the antonym ants in this center!

Base Tens Birdies- In this center, the students matched the base ten birds to the birdhouse with the correct number. This was a great review for them!!

Money Birds- The kiddos counted the coin combinations on the cards and matched them to the correct amount of money.

Ladybug Number Toss - The kids absolutely can't get enough of these number toss boards. They loved this fun ladybug!! They used little insect erasers as counters!!

Bugged Out Compound Words- In this literacy center, my firsties made compound words!! I could really see who understood compound words and who...didn't...for example, the child that enthusiastically told me that he found "footbox" is on my list for a little small group lesson on compound words this week! :)

Caterpillar Fact Families- I LOVE fact families!! They really help my students grasp the fact that addition and subtraction are related to one another...as one child put it, they are a family!!! This sweet Scrappin' Doodles caterpillar graphic was too perfect for a fact family center!!

Making Words with "Caterpillars"- We just love making words activities in my room!! The kids made a ton of great words with the letters from Caterpillars...some I hadn't even thought of...haha!!!

If I were a bug....journal writing:) I've enjoyed reading these...I was very proud of all the describing words in this sweet girl's entry!!!

Head on over to my TpT store to get your copy of all 10 centers for only $6.50!!! It will go back up to its regular price on April 1st! Thanks to everyone who has already purchased it!!!

Hope y'all have a wonderful evening!!!

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Really Cute! I just came across your blog!
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