Blooming Sentences Activity!

Sunday, March 20, 2011
Check out this cute flower activity! It reinforces naming, describing, and action words, as well as writing super sentences!! The kiddos LOVED it and it made our hallway look so SpRiNgY!!
To do this each student will need:
3 pink petals
3 red petals
1 yellow circle (stigma)
1 green long, skinny rectangle for the stem
2 green shaped leaves
**I wish I had a pattern to post, but my AWESOME parapro just cut out the shapes!!

First, the students picked out a naming word and wrote in down on the yellow circle/stigma. The child in the picture picked "friends".
Then, they wrote 3 describing words for the naming word on the pink petals.
Next, they wrote 3 action words for the naming word.
After that, they wrote a pronoun for their naming word on each of the leaves.

Finally, they wrote a "super sentence" on the stem. I asked my students to include at least one of the describing and action words on their petals to tell about the naming word (subject).
Didn't they turn out sweet?!?! I made butcher paper grass for them "grow" in!!!!

Now, my hall is ready for SpRiNg!!! Wooooohoooooo!!!!

Happy 1st Day of Spring to Everyone!!!

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Unknown said...

I love your persuasive writing in your hallway. My team is working on persuasive writing right now. Did you have your kiddos use a graphic organizer? Thanks.