Monday, August 3, 2015


A big thank you to Kindergals for this sale graphic!

The Back to School sale is finally HERE!!!
Everything in my ENTIRE store is 20% off AND you can save an additional 10% using the TpT code BTS15 at checkout. This includes already discounted bundles!

Start filling up your cart with new resources for this school year! Also, don't forget to leave feedback on prior purchases to get your TpT credits:) 

Looking for new resources?? 
Here are some of my favorites.....just click on the pictures for more info:)

Spelling in a Snap

Nonfiction Reading Response Activities, Graphic Organizers, and Foldables

NO-PREP Ready, Set, Print packets
 (individual and bundle sets)

Plus, SO much more!

Happy BTS shopping!!! 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

NEW Fiction and Nonfiction Reading Response Activities & BTS SALE!!

One of my goals this summer was to amp up the reading response activities in my classroom. As a first grade teacher, building and strengthening reading comprehension is a daily focus. I wanted my students to have a variety of fun, engaging activities to help them comprehend, analyze, and respond to what they were reading. So, I got right to work and created two reading response packs that I think you and your students will love too! 

I started off by creating this....

It includes games, graphic organizers, and foldables (flap books, step books, and trifold brochures) that can be used with ANY fiction book! These teacher/student friendly (aka..little prep, easy to understand, and fun/engaging for your readers) activities work great for whole group instruction, guided reading groups, and/or independent work. I tried really hard to make this resource have everything you would need and then some to support ALL of your students as they respond to text.  The skills covered are story elements, sequencing, character traits, problem/solution, main idea, author's purpose, asking questions, making inferences, visualizing, text to self/text/world connections, comparing & contrasting two characters/settings/stories, and more! Click here for more info about this resource!

After many requests to make a similar resource for nonfiction, I got to work again and this happened....
This packet includes a variety of games, graphic organizers, and foldables (flap books, step books, and trifold brochures)  that can be used with any nonfiction/informational text. Just like my first reading response pack, I tried to make the activities as student/teacher friendly as possible with everything you would need throughout the school year. The skills included are note taking, finding facts, important details, asking & answering questions, text to self/text/world, comparing/contrasting, text features, KWL chart, main idea and supporting details, vocabulary, and more! Click here for more info about this resource!

Want to purchase these as a bundle and save 25%?? Click here!

Don't forget that TpT's BIG BTS SALE starts tomorrow! Everything in my shop (including already discounted bundles) will be 20% and you can use the promo code BTS15 for an additional 10% off! 
A BIG thank you to The Bubbly Blonde for this graphic!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

B2S Bash: Grand Prize!

Have y'all had fun hopping around to all 18 of our Bash Baskets?  If you haven't done that yet, please start HERE and make sure you do!  You only have until midnight on August 2nd to enter!  You may be thinking "Ohhh, I'm not lucky enough to win... I never get picked for prizes...There's just no way that my name will be selected!"  But, I would say:  YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY!  So, go for the gold, folks!

Here's what you NEED to do FIRST... like RIGHT NOW!  We are doing an Instagram Hop with a secret message.  This secret message MUST BE entered on the Rafflecopter below or you will NOT be chosen as a winner!!!!  Look for THIS graphic on Instagram.  THIS graphic will start the secret message.   Hint:  You'll start with @stepintosecondgrade
You might want to grab a sheet of paper and a pen so that you can collect all letters as you are doing the Instagram hop because YOU MUST COLLECT THE SECRET MESSAGE!  Here are some tips for your Instagram Hop!
Don't have an instagram?  Well, sign up so you can enter the grand prize basket!!!  If you start in the right place and follow the order then all of your letters will nicely flow into one message :)  If you go out of order then you will have to unscramble the letters to make a word, and no one wants to do that!!!

So, let's talk about the Grand Prize!  This is the LARGEST, MOST AMAZING, INCREDIBLE Grand Prize ever... in the history of teacher giveaways!  
Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a REAL Smartboard!  Whitlock (a Smartboard distributor) generously donated a Smartboard to our giveaway!  Isn't that amazing?!!!  Do you want to know all the details about the specific Smartboard and if it will work for you?  Look HERE!!

Whitlock will ship the Smartboard to the winner (continental US only!).  It comes with a projector and all software needed!!  The winner will need to have a way to mount the Smartboard AND will be in charge of maintenance after installation.  We want to make sure we lay it all out there before you enter :))  I'm sure that your school or district would be happy to help if you were the winner!
And, that's not all, y'all!  The winner will also receive a Silhouette Cameo and a One-Year ESGI Subscription!  OHMIWORD!!!

Once you have collected the secret code from our Instagram Hop, you can enter below!  You only have 24 hours, so don't delay!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bash Basket #11: Giant Jenga!

Today is the day! Our Back to School Bash is all kinds of ready for you to ENTER to win it BIG! We have EIGHTEEN {YES! EIGHTEEN!} amazing bash baskets for you this year! At each blog you will find a little bit of info about the prize that you can win, a Rafflecopter to enter, and a button to hop on over to the next blog! While you are hopping around, we would love for you to follow our blogs so that you will always be "in the know" about what's going on. You will even be able to pick up some pretty nice teaching tips as well throughout the year! So let's get this thing rolling! 

I am beyond excited about Bash Basket #11. Want a fun game to play with your class this year?!!  What about a GIANT, life-sived JENGA???!!  How cool is this??

Bash Basket #15Giant Jenga from Splinter Woodworking

The winner of this Bash Basket will also receive a Whisper Phone Select which is perfect for small group reading instruction. 

And we're not done yet. Need some back to school resources? The winner of this basket will receive a link to a folder containing all of these resources below. You can click on any of the covers below to check them out on TPT! 

Do you wanna win? Enter right here!  This can only be shipped to the Continental US :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hurry! Hurry! Hop on over to Sarah Cooley at First Grader At Last to see what's in her Bash Basket!

Thanks so much for joining us for our 3rd year of back to school fun! And also a HUGE thanks to our sponsors for being so generous and so supportive of teachers! And you ain't seen nothin' yet! How is that for some grammar? ;) Seriously, the grand prize this year is out of this world! So make sure you check it out on Instagram on August 2nd! 

Back to School Bash PRIZES!!!

Friends! Get. Excited! No REALLY excited! :) If you aren't excited yet, you will be once you see the amazing sponsors that we will be hosting for giveaways this year during the Back to School Bash 2015. Check them all out below. Then be sure to join the hop beginning tomorrow so you can enter to win some of this amazingness! 

Just a few things before we begin...

Remember to look for this little guy at the bottom of each post to hop to the next giveaway. There will be 18 prizes, and you won't want to miss a single thing! 

Along with the 18 Bash Baskets, there will also be a HUGE GRAND PRIZE! And I am talking HUGE! This will all go down on Instagram beginning August 2nd. 

Now...let's check out these Bash Baskets! 

Bash Basket #1: Better Life Bag
Bash Basket #2: Kendra Scott Jewelry Collection

Bash Basket #3: $100 Gift Card to LaRue Chic Boutique
Bash Basket #4: Reading Teepee from Tip Top TeePee Shop

Bash Basket #5: 2 $50.00 Gift Cards to Sit Spots
 {One for you & one for a friend!}
and 1 certificate to the Get Your Teach On Conference
Bash Basket #6: Three Personalized Door Decor Hangers
and one Happy Birthday Chair Cover
{from JNLsewcute}

Bash Basket #7: $100 Gift Card from Schoolgirl Style 
Bash Basket #8: C. Jayne Teach Prize Bundle

Bash Basket #9: Custom Canvas and Door Hanger
Bash Basket #10: $100 Prize Pack from Scentos

Bash Basket #11: Giant Jenga Set from Splinter Woodworking

Bash Basket #13: Erin Condren Planner and Teacher Bundle
Bash Basket #14: Neat Seats {Class set of 24}

Bash Basket #15: $100 Decor Bundle from Creative Teaching Press
Bash Basket #16: Kids Carpet 

Bash Basket #17: Ellison AllStar + 100 in Die Cuts
Bash Basket #18: $100 Hobby Lobby Gift Card 

Holy amazing! We are so grateful to such amazing sponsors. As if that isn't enough, each basket will also include a whisper phone select! 

And we're not done yet. Each winner will also receive a link to a folder containing all of these resources below.

Be sure and come back tomorrow to get your Back to School Bash HOP on! :)